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The Pembrokeshire Story

In January 2021 during the midst of Wales’s second Covid lockdown, the Torch quietly launched an ambitious project aimed at gathering stories from across Pembrokeshire to create a living archive that would map the County through story and would encourage local artists to take inspiration from the people and places that are close to their hearts.

The living archive now hosts a plethora of stories which help to shine light on the way we live in Pembrokeshire, our history, our similarities and our differences.  They celebrate the everyday and the extraordinary and they speak of the joy of community as well as dealing honestly with the subjects of isolation and divisiveness within our society.  They are sometimes laugh out loud and often bring a tear to the eye.

We hope that this archive will be ever growing and that it will help promote collaboration and integration as well as influencing conversations about the way the community sees its future, about a better, safer and more compassionate way of life.  

So please enjoy the stories, have a look at the artist’s pages and to see how they’ve been responding to the stories they have heard, and then record your own story and share it with the world.



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