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Making Music en-GB

by Ollie

The inspiration behind Timbali.

Born and raised in the Preseli Hills, DJ/producer Timbali stepped onto the scene in 2015, with some crisp productions and an eclectic style. He has become a successful figure in the reggae and dancehall scene, and is building a following on the festival circuit. The no.1 single on Beatport ‘Killing Sound’ with Skarra Mucci did well, and he’s received numerous BBC Radio plays of other tracks, including “All My Days” featuring Lutan Fyah and “Dead Yuh Dead” featuring Peppery.

Originally a live sound-system act, it has now evolved into a 6 piece dub reggae band, featuring top international musicians, bringing a fresh, heavy sound to the stage.


Ollie says:

Making music means everything to me. I was lucky enough to have music around me growing up, so it’s always felt natural. 

More than anything it makes me happy to know people all around the world feel emotionally connected to the music I make here in Pembrokeshire. I do it because I love it but the ultimate reward is seeing people dance and enjoy themselves at the live shows. 

Having lived here my whole life Pembrokeshire is my favourite place in the world. Walking in the Preseli hills or the Pembrokeshire coastline in summer definitely inspires the Timbali sound.

My favourite place in Pembrokeshire is Foel Dyrch mountain in the Preseli Mountains.




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