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Sewing To Make Ends Meet en-GB

by Gilly

Gilly tells her story about keeping an old craft skill alive. 

I started sewing aged ten because my mum couldn’t afford to buy me the kind of clothes I wanted - I would stretch material and patterns out on the carpet of the living room floor.

Living in the bus and sewing in 1989 was a way to make money in Pembrokeshire, when you had lots of children as I did, so I would make clothes and sell them in Carmarthen market - wedding dresses, theatre costumes and the like.

I stopped sewing clothes to sell around thirty years ago, and then lockdown triggered me back into sewing - I couldn’t teach yoga, so revisited an old skill.

Living in Pembrokeshire provides health, space, colour. I garden a lot and think the colour  is good for my wellbeing and inspiration for my sewing, my favourite place is my garden. I’ve never even been to Bosherston!





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