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Artist and tutor at Coleg Sir Benfro en-GB

by Lousie Sheppard

Using Pembrokeshire for inspiration and creativity. 

Artistic expression gives me the opportunity to investigate what's around me and allows me to explore what I find. It offers the chance to play with materials and enjoy the interaction of visual elements.  It's also very absorbing, and having that vehicle for creative study can be very important for overall health and life satisfaction.

I like Pembrokeshire’s geographical position within the UK and being able to live on near the coast is important to me, too. The variety of landscape and geographical locations are among Pembrokeshire's strengths, and the fact that there are creative communities and individuals living in the county is also a plus.  But the main thing for me is that it has been somewhere where I have made very good, lifelong friendships.

As a favourite place in the county,I do have a soft spot for Narberth - it's a great place to live and has in the past been a place of refuge.


All pieces are part of the same body of work:

20 objects (pink spot) - This screen print represents a collection of small, plastic objects found on the streets of Swansea, within a set period of time.  Having found them appealing and intriguing, I wanted to celebrate their qualities.

Object hanging - Here, I made several layered hangings that, again, represent the 20 found objects using a devore printing technique to emphasise their aesthetic beauty.  To me, anyway!

Object banner - A screen print using contact transfer paper, that elevates several of the objects by increasing them significantly in size.

Turtle card - I created 20 postcards that marked time, date and location of each object's find, using a relief debossed effect to represent a recognition that they existed in a specific place.  I also named the objects, further adding some significance. 

Turtle - This relief print shows one of my favourite objects in a more playful composition.  I was exploring the idea of impermanence with opacity of ink, but also that its shape reminded me of early computer game visuals.




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