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Expressing yourself through painting en-GB

by Lil

Lil, 16, talks about painting in Pembrokeshire. 

Painting gives me a way to express myself freely. Especially with movements and marks. I make within my pieces more abstract pieces, every part has an emotion behind it. It’s really helpful to me to be able to have the resources to put how I’m feeling emotionally on canvas. On the other hand, line drawings let me use movement yet show still life in more accurate ways. 

I love focusing on landscapes, I think all the textures are amazing especially cliffs, they have so many different angles, colours and pops of bright colours. For example, the grass really helps contrast against the orange and grey tones of the cliffs. I also love woods and flowers I find them amazing to draw them in a continuous line. 

I have a few favourite places in Pembrokeshire, I love The Priory as it’s got a river, trees and a restored garden. But I also enjoy walks around clay lanes because the land is so versatile.




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