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Finding your creativity en-GB

by Anwen Mai

Anwen Mai, 19, tells her story about creativity.

For me making things is important because I think creativity is something not everyone remembers to make time for and they should. Being able to look at a finished piece and think "wow, I made that" is a lovely feeling and even if you're not happy with the results you've still practiced the skill so next time will be better. I believe that our ability to create art is one of the things that makes us human and helps us connect with each other in ways that words alone can't achieve.

I find making things very therapeutic, especially painting. Because it requires so much concentration it stops me worrying about anything else which makes it a good thing to do whenever I'm stressed. 

Having grown up in Pembrokeshire it is very close to my heart due to the beautiful scenery and all the friends I have made. I think the beauty of the area has given me a great appreciation of the natural world which is both a source of inspiration and motivation to look after the environment. I have found that the people of Pembrokeshire also inspire me to create art and the ones I meet through singing, folk music and other creative activities are always supportive and encouraging.

My favourite place in Pembrokeshire is the Preseli mountains because my best friend lives there so I have many happy memories of spending time there :)





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